Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Studio Evolution

Studio Evolution...

"Art Closet
My "Studio" started out as a little work-area in my spare guest room closet. I called it the "Art Closet".  I found a drafting table that slid perfectly into the closet and allowed me to close the doors to contain it from my 4-legged helpers.

When I really discovered Precious Metal Clay I realized I needed a bigger area AND an area that would allow me to SAFELY use a small butane creme brulee torch to fire my fine silver pieces... I had yet to purchase a kiln. And let me tell you - firing with a torch - even that small... in a small closet is not wise!! (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!)

Section of the Hutch/Book Shelf
I looked around and thought - hmmmm my "Library" which is approx 12' x 12' and supposed to be the dining room of my house might work. BUT it's wide open. No doors. Half wall between it and the living room. I didn't use it as a dining room because the kitchen breakfast area is perfect for my table. (The people before me used it as a music room - it had a piano in it when I saw the house so to me it was never a "dining room".)

It started out w/ some nice bookcases with hutches on top. A rocking chair and the boys Aruba Cat condo. Paint color - gorgeous shade of Hydrangea Blue and Eddie Bauer color from Lowes.

Metal Clay Work Center
It slowly became my Studio...

First I added a metal clay work area - really it's a self enclosed Computer Armoir - purchased to match the book cases and hutches already in there. ... it was perfect - "tons of room", a slide out work area AND a slide our second area where the keyboard is supposed to go. PERFECT... This is what it looked like when I naively thought it would contain all I was going to do for jewelry. >

The bed was added to the top because he kept getting up there. To the left of the open unit is a 1/3 wall between the living room and the "Library/Studio" he would
Sleeping Babies!
jump up there and then jump up to the top. They both (and Mikito did to) spend a lot of time up there. Directly behind me - while sitting at this desk - is the 6' Aruba Cat Condo that has been in our family for many, many years.

I then moved my home computer into this room - one of the "book cases" became a computer center. I moved the small drafting table from the guest room closet into this room too. THEN I purchased a kids computer desk that is really tall - and approx 36" long. It too has a pull out work area and a drawer inside that area.
Beading Area...
I used it as a work center then decided it would be better to have the computer set up there, have room to work on some wire work also and clean up the bookcase area a bit.

NOW we start... the great Studio Reorganization... 

I didn't remember to take photos of the entire room before moving things around but I do have some. Please be warned - these are not PG13.. they are very messy. ;o) The picture below is a wonky, pieced together photo of what is behind me in the room when I sit at the Metal Clay Work Center. Two corner windows w/ the Aruba Cat Condo, my beading area to the immediate right of those, and the packaging section and old computer center in the book cases.

The Messy Studio. A little wonky based on how
I took the pics and pasted them back together.

The picture below is how full the Metal Clay Work Center is now. As I work on cleaning up the studio I will add to this post.

FULL Metal Clay Center
I can tell you that the section you do not see (where I'm sitting when I rotated around to take the images in the long photo above) is set up with a new slim 20" monitor that allows for plenty of work area in front of it. The Beading area is cleaned up, the bookcases & hutches are cleaned up. I created an "Inspiration Board" of finished pieces I have bought from fellow artisans. It's a wonderful place!!

All that's left now is to clean and reorganize the contents of the Metal Clay Work Center and then clean up the corner of the garage (right around the corner from the Studio) where I have my kilns, enameling set-up and photo booth. Wait til you see it. It is as organized as the pic of the Beading Center above but soooo much better!! It's a great space and I'm so pleased to have it to use.