Friday, January 15, 2010

The Results of Thinking, Designing & Creating

Well! After a brief poll of my Art Clay Friends - I patina'd the hibiscus piece and finished both the pieces from last poll.

This piece... "Hibiscus Family" is made from precious metal clay which when fired results in .999 Fine Silver. The gold on one is 24kt gold applied over the fine silver. I used patina to darken the details in the flowers and then... learned a tip (from Lorena Angulo - check out her site here: on how to apply the patina to get more colors.
SO I tried again - you can remove the patina by simply refiring the piece with a torch. And I LOVE the result, the colors, the piece just speaks!! :o) The stones represent a friends two children... moonstone and ruby. It hangs on an 18" sterling silver chain.

NEXT I had the problem of the 'googly-eyed' heart. I loved the idea, til I tried to work in the birth stones. Then all I could see was ... Googly-eyed heart. So I tried covering the heart hole with another heart.. not so much (I didnt even take a picture!!). See it? I'm sure you do!

Well, I couldn't bear it! So I opted to put together another heart for my friend whom I was seeing the very next day!! The result is a partially open fine silver heart with two birth stones representing garnet and emeralds. The texture is from silver flake being applied to the piece before it's fired. When it's tumbled the texture is really, really neat. The heart swings freely from an 18" sterling silver chain.

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