Monday, May 3, 2010

Here's to healthy boobies!!
May 3, 2010

My creatively funny friend and oooh so terrific artisan Keirsten from the Cerebral Dilettante blog is having a give-away this week! In honor of her first ever mamogram and the "all clear" results she received, she is giving a way a gorgeous pair of hand crafted earrings.

Folks - if you haven't seen her Etsy shop - GO! Run don't walk. Go straight to her etsy site... her pieces are gorgeous. I have a number of favs and bought myself a pretty necklace and earrings w/ gift money from one of my relatives!! Happy Birthday to me!!

You can get in on her simple give-away by going to THIS link:

Don't forget to visit her shop - oh and bookmark the blog - she's seriously funny - some days I find my self honestly laughing out loud to the point of running to the bathroom - yep, some days she's THAT funny! :o)

Happy shopping!! :o)
Cin ~

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