Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy New Year!
Ok so I'm really, really behind!

Hi! I'm so behind in my posts I'm trying to decide to I try to catch up or go from here? I think... because I love some of these pieces I'll do a quick photo show and move on from there? Sound good? Excellent! ;o)

Oh hey... like the new banner? More on that to come!!

Earrings for a gal who's not blue but known as Bastille Bleu in the lamp work world. She asked me to make a pair of earrings in the shape of a pair she had seen. I asked if I could design something specifically for her and she agreed. I came up with these! I call them Turquoise Burst.

These are fine silver (.999) with turquoise cabs set inside. The pieces were fired and the cab was tucked in and then the "burst" were formed down around the cab like a bezel. Patina was added and the colors are fantastic. The wires were hand-forged and kiln attached fine-silver wire. They measure approx 2" from top of wire to bottom of 'shield'

Frosty & Polar Bears...

My mom loves (LOVES) kitschy holiday clothing. If it's got a reindeer on it she loves it. When I saw these snowmen and polar bear lampwork beads by Bastille Bleu I knew that Mom would love them as earrings!

To bring them a little more of me - more than just putting them together, I created fine silver (.999) top hats for Frosty. I made them with a little popped up top (like the real Frosty) and added a little 4mm aquamarine cz to the band instead of a flower. Hand applied patina helps bring out the colors in Frosty's scarf. Coordinating Swarovski crystals finish off these cute earrings.

The polar bear earrings "Beary Merry" hang approximately 1 1/2" long from wire to bottom of the Swarovski crystal dangles. I created a hand-crafted fine silver (.999) bow to a a "touch of me" to the earrings. Mom was very happy with them - until she lost one of the Frosty's on Christmas eve at mass and panicked. Luckily Nik had some of the stringer left that she created the scarf with. She created two more Frosty's (hard to match one when you don't have it in your hand) and I'm making a pendant from the original surviving Frosty! Problem solved = Happy Mom!

Alaskan Love Key Fobs...
Created for a really special couple who celebrated their 1 year anniversary with an Alaskan cruise! Two days after I found out they went on a cruise two things happened... 1) Principessa Glass posted a fabulous lamp work heart she called "Glacier" and then 2) that same day a gal I have been buying antique Japanese and Korean glass fishing floats from had ALASKAN BEACH STONES on her site - drilled and everything. Coincidence? I think so! So I snatched up the lamp work heart along with one of similar feel called "Twisted Seas" and ordered the drilled Alaskan Beach Stone from Northern Sea Glass and created these two key fobs. I added some hollow fine silver (.999) beads that I added fine silver flake to before firing, a small Pyrite heart and birth stones in Swarovski Crystals. He got the one with HER birthstone and she got the one with HIS birthstone.

The second piece in what I'm calling my "Antiquities" line "Love" is the Japanese symbol for - well, Love and is done in fine silver (.999). I added 24kt gold to bring out the symbol and a hand-applied patina to bring in some blues. The piece is a comfortable size to wear - approx 1 1/2" long by 3/4" wide in the shape of a dog tag. The pendant hangs from a gold-filled chain.

Until next time... I leave you with this thought - Please take time to visit my friends using the links posted above. These gals make all their product by hand - in their work shops, rooms, studios. They are true artisans and I am so proud to present their work in my pieces.

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