Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11, 2010
BEADS! I Love Beads!

I love beads.

I didn't realize it, but I do - I love beads. While working and learning and sucking the minds of my online mentors dry as I grow my metal clay addiction some how beads started to grow on me.

It could be the fact that I am SURROUNDED by these fabulous artisans who make the most gorgeous glass beads. It could be that I'm SURROUNDED by these fabulous artisans who USE beads to make gorgeous jewelery. Whichever it is, however it happened... I LOVE BEADS.

I have a small mason-like jar of what I call "Inspiration Beads"... beads made by Deb Fitz. These are so beautiful. They sit in the jar waiting for a design worthy of their beauty to dribble out of my brain and into my design book.

THEN... I bought the cutest (CUTEST) little cupcakes and lady bugs from Bastille Bleu. They look cute in the pictures, but photos do not do them justice... they are the cutest, littlest, sweetest cupcakes ever!

THEN... tonight, I ordered from Canyon Echos Johanna makes these gorgeous, organic beads that just look so natural and yet have these cool swirls of fine silver through them. I'm so excited to use her beads with my silver!! Here's what I ordered tonight... but add 2 more, slightly larger spacer beads to the brown set. She's special order making them for ME tonight. Yes... FOR ME! makes me all happy inside!!! :o)

OH OH.. and I know they are not beads, but I bought Titanium too. I used two gorgeous pieces of crystallized titanium that I got from Holly Gage in two pieces I made. AND when Chris & Holly sent out the email that they had to pull them off their site for a while I ordered three more pieces because they spoke to me... something pretty about them - and they too sit waiting for something gorgeously worthy of themI cant help but see grapes (thanks to Chris' description! :o) ) in the piece to the right and thanks to his power of description, I have an idea in mind for a larger pendant/closure piece. I'm excited because it will be the hardest, largest piece I try. And the piece in the middle... something about that chocolate 'lace' piece made me love it. I almost want to snip it into two... but the jury is out on that.

And finally - but not least. It is my goal to 'pay it back' to the people who help me on a daily basis as I learn and grow in this exciting medium. So I have allowed myself to purchase from the great artisans above and from some gorgeous jewelry makers. I lusted after this pewter heart necklace the minute Keirsten of Lune Design posted it.
And then when she posted the adorable earrings, I had to make them mine. Happy Birthday to me! The gorgeous pieces have a ton of garnet (my birthstone) in them and I simply love the look AND feel of these pieces. OH and her blog - the Cerebral Dilettante- hilariously delicious!!

And .. yes, there's more. I was asked by my brother and his new wife what I would like for my birthday ... well, I'd already bought the set above for myself (he he he) ... but I had my eye on a piece by Holly Gage. "When Peace Talks" this piece is strong, and meaningful, and gorgeous. All things I admire. And poof... two days after my birthday a gorgeous "When Peace Talks" arrived! Sterling silver on black cord w/ Venetian blue bead. mmmmm!! :o)


  1. You got it bad girl. HA HA HA
    That is just how I started out. A beador two here and there. Than the strands, precious metalclay......and soon.Next thing you know you will be buying yourself a kiln and a torch and glass......but it has got to be the best addictionIhave everhad. So enjoy!!!
    Canyon Echoes Lampwork Beads

  2. HA! Ok... I always walk into my sporadic metal clay classes with "HI My Name Is Cindy... and I'm an addict"

    I fell into this through one class on how to make molds of things. I had to get away from the computer and they had a class at the Botanic Garden. That was August. It got progressively worse from there! :o)

    I have a micro torch and an ultralite kiln. I ALSO just got a Hot Head and this weekend head out to get my first cannister of MAPP bwahahahah... and I'm thinking... seriously thinking... of getting an SC2 w/ window and bead door w/ my tax return.

    "Hi my name is Cindy...."

  3. Oh my gosh... you really ARE addicted! Got to love it, LOL! Thanks for including my cupcake beads in your blog and the nice compliments too!

    Just remember... being a bead "anything" addict is a "GOOD THING"! ;)

    Nikki, proud glass beadmaking addict

  4. Thanks for the great mention and posting my stuff! Glad you love it!!! (now you need shoes to go with it!)