Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14, 2009:
Crazy, Silver-Fix Weekend!

My weekend started Thursday evening after work because I was off on Friday. Well - the creative portion of my brain has been in over drive lately working on all these projects and it just wouldn't let me do something as lame as SLEEP! So needless to say my sleep schedule was shot when at 5am I decided I really needed to go to bed.

Waking up at 3pm was a little odd! But hey, I worked all night so why not?

Why not? WHY NOT?

Because then that creative brain took over the logical brain and said - "HEY! You slept all day - let's go back to the 'studio'" (ok ok it may only be a computer armoir disguised as a studio but it SOUNDS good!) "and get some more work done..."

I probably don't have to tell you that at 11am on Sunday when I was sitting in front of a spinach and tomato omelette at iHop that I'd been working the 'night shift' for 3 nights! AND I had to fly the next day - some how get back on a normal REAL WORK schedule. OMG what have I done? So here I am on the plane winging my way from Mem to BOS willing my self to stay awake!

BUT - excitement abounds!!

Four (yes 4) pieces COMPLETE! Ready to bestow on unexpecting friends ... so much excitement - I hope they like, like, like as much as I love, love, love these little 'gems'! :o)

Gift one... Wax Seal - This precious little seal is probably going to be one of my favorite molds. It was only the second free-hand piece that I made in polymer clay and then molded and I just love it. It's not big - maybe 3/4" from bail to bottom drip and about 5/8" wide. It starts out plain and then on this one I added two bezels for birth'stones' and some silver balls. (just because I love them! LOL) My hope is that eventually I'll end up with good stamps that I can use to put letters inside. :o)

It's hanging on an 18" Sterling Silver 2mm beaded chain with a magnetic clasp and a cute little (still working on this part) "artists signature charm" (he he he - love feeling all professional and such! "Artist Signature" he he!!

The birthstones I had were not fire friendly and the wrong type for the bezels I put in sooo I went again to my nemisis... (dark sounding music here please) Polymer Clay! The good thing is I had colors that would work for garnet and as I mentioned in a past blog (I know I'm repeating myself but I'm on a plane typing this and am still excited at how it came out) I had pieces of my pistachio and teal skinner blend that look EXACTLY like turquoise - who'd a thunk it? So I used a spare bezel as a cutter and pulled out little birth'stones' from the polymer. Cured them (yes, I sat in front of the darn oven again) and (patting myself on the back) I think they look pretty good!

OH did I mention the cool little packaging I came across?

I was in Hobby Lobby looking for some small boxes to use as gift boxes and found only one 3-pack. The only problem was the 3-pack had one kraft box (perfect) but also a black and a red box (not so much). Welll right beside it are some flat looking "pouches" that fold out to form a little pillow for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. In 3 diff sizes. I thought 'hmmmmmm I wonder...'. So I bought one package.

Flash Back... During my outtings a week or so ago I discovered the stamp store that my dealer - ahhh I mean my teacher Brandy Boyd works at and had picked up some scrapbooking paper - no clue at the time what I was going to do with it but "boxes" kept seeming like a possibility.

Real time... So I took one of the sheets of this newly procured paper and carefully pulled apart one of the paper pouches that I bought and traced it onto the paper. A few cuts here, some scoring and folding there and PRESTO - POOF! I had a cool little pouch/pillow all ready and waiting for my caldDESIGN Naturals logos! The store bought pouch came with a card that you would attach the jewelry too (in this case I bought the earring version) so I traced it too, put a little logo on the bottom of the card, two slots on the top of the card - slide the neck chain into the slots, center the pendant on the front and again - PRESTO - POOF! all ready to insert necklace holder.

My excitement knows no bounds - ok ok I think I stated earlier... easily distracted by bright and shiny objects but I also have this thing for paper... pretty paper, journals, older looking stuff, I loooovvveeee my litte paper pillow/pouches!! (ha! say that 3x fast!)

Oh oh ... plane is "starting our decent into the Boston area" so I must close for now - and will pick up later!

Hi, My name is Cindy and I'm a Silver Addict.


  1. Those pouches are incredible! I might have to experiment with that. I've been looking at packaging for some time now, and one of my favorites are the clear plastic pouches like that that Gail Crossman Moore uses. She fills them with shredded paper in gorgeous colors, and they're very fun. I've been debating ordering some, but this opens up other possibilities.

  2. Thanks Vickie! I love them. Easy to make. Going to use one size bigger for some of the 'stiffer' necklaces. Love being able to choose paper for them AND allows me to create as I need vs. buying a bunch and storing them.