Sunday, December 13, 2009

September 26, 2009:
Vessel Making with Precious Metal Clay

Another great class and further cementing me into this wonderful world of metal clay! Back at at the Memphis Botanical Garden (MBG), Brandy Boyd again was the leader of this terrific class. She came prepared with really cool little shapes made from cork clay. Yes, Cork Clay. I couldnt believe it either - first you tell me there's clay made from precious metal - silver, bronze, copper, gold - and now you tell me there's cork clay too? Hmmm

The theory behind the class is to paint many layers of metal clay that has been watered down to be a paste-like consistency onto the cork shape. Then you add design using metal clay, carving, texture... whatever you choose. And you fire. Here's the thing - when you fire the cork BURNS OUT and you are left with a hollow fine silver form. Be it bead or vessel - it's fine silver and it's hollow.

The picture is all I have from my class I was so engrossed in what I was doing I forgot to take pictures!! I probably sat there with my tongue between my teeth concentrating all I know is I was committed (or perhaps should be). The silver beads are hollow as is the vessel. The little pieces of black "coal" is what is left of the cork after it burned.

How cool is that? Warning though - the cork smells when it burns out.

Now I need to get some supplies. It's to much to handle. I must have supplies so I ordered -

~ silver clay
~ cork clay (gotta have cork)
~ tools (roller, torch, knives)
~ and so much more!

Where do you get these supplies? ~ ~ ~ www.wholelottawhimsey ~ ~

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