Sunday, December 13, 2009

October 10, 2009:
Enameling on Copper

OK so it's not fine silver clay BUT what you learn for one medium you can translate to another medium! :o)

Yet again a great Saturday found me at the Memphis Botanical Garden (MBG) and a class on Enameling on Copper being led by whom? Yep, you got it... Brandy Boyd. (I mentioned I consider her my "dealer" in this addiction right? :o) )

What a great time we had learning to enamel. This I will have you know is one of the techniques I needed to learn to work on Mom's Mother's Day pin. Check this off now!

OK did I written about Facebook? After spending a TON of time online researching this new metal clay addiction I thought - I wonder if more people than Brandy and I on Facebook love this medium. I found fellow addicts! And they are GOOD - CRAZY GOOD! This awesome group of artists have become my mentors. They deal with me asking questions: how do I do this? where do I find that? can this be done?

There are so many great people that I am learning from I can't even list them all. The ones listed here have websites with information I find interesting, helpful and inspiring. The first is Brandy Boyd and when she gets her site back up... I'll definately post aside from her metal clay, polymer, enameling skills - her photography skills are crazy good.

~ Pam East:
~ Pam also has a great book "Enameling on Metal Clay"
~ Gordon K. Uyehara:
~ Holly Gage:
~ Deb Fitz:
~ Lorena Angulo: different flavor -
~ Kristi Bowman:

Photos from class can be found here:
Enameling on Copper

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