Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 12, 2009:
Tumbling & Blogging

Caught up!

I spent part of my evening running the tumbler. First time with the tumbler and I think I need to hand burnish the pieces a little more than I did this time and then tumble. OR I need to put more shot in, OR I need to put less silver in. I need to check with my Art Craft Friends on Facebook.

Then I spent the rest of the past 4+ hours setting up this blog. Going back to the beginning of my adventure with metal clay. Luckily I've posted on Facebook and taken photos of classes and projects which are all dated and once my memory was jogged I was able to post as if it was that day! :o)


Because I love what I'm doing. I'm having a blast and sometimes you just want to share that with people! As I indicated on my first post.. my family and friends are "about up to here" with listening to me go on and on about metal clay. My hope is that as they receive the gifts I'm working on they too will understand my excitement and enjoy the fruits of my labor as much as I enjoy making them!! And I am enjoying making them!!

If you are looking for gorgeous pieces to buy check out the ETSY sites of some of my Art Clay Friends from Facebook:

~ Dreamsome
~ Holly Gage
~ Lune Designs
~ Lizards Jewelry

It's 7:09 am here and I'm going to sign off and go put my polymer birth 'stones' into the wax stamp pendant then go find some breakfast!! :o)

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