Saturday, December 12, 2009

The adventure begins...

Having made a move from Marketing Director for a promotional products supplier to Variant Configuration Manager for a security products company in August of 2008, I lost my creative outlet. For 23 years I worked as a graphic designer, a web designer, commercial artist - in public relations, advertising and marketing. Suddenly - I'm programming. No pretty pictures included. SAP variant configuration programming for me is about lanyards, attachments, finishing options, and how to get them all to work together with BOMs and Routes. No pretty pictures.

I still had photography, gardening, and the computer but I was missing something that could really make my creative juices flow.

As a member of the Memphis Botanical Garden (MBG), I noticed a class in June 2009 for making silver leaves using something called precious metal clay. No clue what that ment but the pretty picture of the leaf (Note: easily distracted by bright, shiny objects - maybe I was a crow in a past life?) I decided to take the class. Then as things would have it... I had to travel for work the week of the class.

In August of 2009 MBG offered a class called "Mold Making for Precious Metal Clay" led by Brandy Boyd. Brandy was the same gal who led the first class I missed and I thought - "hmmm maybe she can tell me how to do the other piece!".

Welll - that was the beginning of my addiction.

The following posts will be from my Facebook postings - to show the excitement, the questions and the photos of the journey I started that gorgeous day in August.

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