Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19, 2009
Afraid to Fail...

So close but so fearful!

I'm working on pieces for two very special people and I'm terrified to finish. Not because I dont think they will like the pieces but because I have Holly Gage titanium going on them and I'm afraid to mess up!!

The project are two puzzle pieces - that actually do fit together. They are silver w/ 24K gold (one of the recipients wears gold so I'm working gold into the piece and adding a gold chain to it - mixed with the yellows from the titanium it should look very nice) added to it. The rainbow colored crystalized titanium will sit on top of the puzzle pieces.

Probably a little to advanced for what I know how to do but I'm either daring or stupid... LOL not sure which! You choose!! :o)

Fingers crossed I'm headed back into the studio...

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