Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009
WORK Interferes

I have read about addictions interfering with people's work - but work interfering with one's addiction? WELLL Yes! Here I am away from my studio on business of all things and I am 2 days into silver withdrawal and WORK is keeping me from posting the additional pieces I completed in my silver-crazed weekend!

What is up with that?

SO - reports done, email closed and should be sleeping for 2 1/2 hour drive to another site tomorrow but instead I'm getting a little silver fix by telling you about:

Gifts two & three... Brilliant Barnacles - Ahh my pretty little shells! Made for a wonderful lady that I work with and helps keep me sane (stop, I hear you laughing... so just stop). I designed the larger shell for her. The piece is approx 1.25" top to bottom and about 1" wide. It's all .999 fine silver except for the birthstones (clear and colored CZ). It is hanging on a sterling silver neck chain and has a magnetic closure. I used a found shell and 2-part mold compound to make a mold and then went from there.

I love the way the birthstone settings came out - it's the first time I've done anything like this and I thought that the way they ended up looked like barnacles. The stones repesent each of her little girls. The birthstones worried me. First shot at firing with stones in a piece resulted in liquified 'gem' ha! what a mess but very cool to experience. So when I put the blue CZs that Cool Tools labeled as ok for firing I got realllly nervous when I peeked in the kiln and discovered the once "Aquamarine" one was clear OMG don't do this to me!

I put the cover on and did a little dance to the silver gods and asked that they not take the color away. When I took the piece out I was so excited to watch the cz turn back to blue! WAYYYY Cool! :o)

The bail is textured and is another first for me... a bail that isn't a jump ring or part of a stem. I was very nervous but quite pleased with how it turned out. If you look at the piece the bail actually makes it look like an angel - I see potential for Angel items here!!

The Baby Barnacles were designed from another found shell and 2-part compound. One for each of her daughters. They are just about 3/4" wide x 3/4" high and hang from a sterling silver chain. By the way - anyone know the actual size of a necklace for a child?

The little girls were so excited! I loved watching them wearing the necklaces all evening long - it was a great experience! I love my silver clay addiction! :o)

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