Sunday, December 13, 2009

November 21, 2009: Naturals

While creating the Interchangeable Holly Pendant and Earrings for my mom I kept thinking all the pieces I am working on, the ones I really like - are natural - staight from nature. It's what I love, it's what I 'feel'. So Naturals came to mind.

Flash back... while growing up I was considered "crafty" no - not in a bad way! LOL! I would make cards and do cross stitch, paint, knit, I even made jewelry back then. And everytime I made a card my dad would say "when you care enough to send the very best you send a 'cal original'". My little signature on the back of my cards was always "Another CAL Original" with the date. Later on it evolved into calDESIGN and everytime I do something for someone - cards, logos, posters, t-shirts - my parents will ineveitably ask me "did you put your cal original on it?" (It doesn't matter how old you get, Mom & Dad always will ask the same things! :o) )

Back to the present... so Naturals came to mind... calDESIGN Naturals. I like it. I feel it. My "natural" instinct (pun intended) is to immediately pull out paper and a pencil and my computer and create a 'logo'. Drift wood, old wood. Old wooden sign. calDESIGN. calDESIGN Naturals. Shells. Flowers. Beach. Sand. Hmmm...

While I'm working I'm thinking - kraft (brown paperbag like look) boxes. Hmm. I came up with the logo you see above - and then went a step further and looked around the local "Hobby Lobby" (OMG that store, that store!) and found a couple of large shells and some cool looking wood along with sea sponges. These I will use for photos - an example are in my last post where you see Mom's pendants and earrings on these shells and hanging from the wood.

When I shipped Mom's pendant and earrings they were in a Kraft earring box w/ a calDESIGN Naturals logo on it along with a card explaining the process and the unique-ness of the pieces made specifically for her. The first pieces I have done that I have given as a gift.

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