Sunday, December 13, 2009

August 2009:
Mold Making

I consider Brandy Boyd to be my 'dealer' she got me hooked on this great new creative outlet. This first class was simple - how to make molds from 2-part silicon mold-maker and 1 part sculpy mold maker.

Take a found object and make a mold - then... and this was the kicker - then fill this mold with delicious material called metal clay, dry it, fire it and POOF .999 Fine Silver from what was a clay-like material. "Are you serious?" I thought. She was. We molded buttons, leaves, fungus, little objects - anything you can put the molding material on - we molded.

And then... then we made the silver! ohhhhhh let the addiction begin.

Photos from the class are here.

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